Here are my most commonly asked questions for your convenience! Feel free to reach out by emailing me at with any other questions I can answer!

Do you take weddings that are not in Milwaukee?

We take on weddings all over the midwest and world.  We photograph and film weddings most frequently in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and Dubuque.  Wherever your wedding takes place, travel is included in the package price.


What does a professional photographer do?

Cameras are no where near as sophisticated as the human eye.  Professional photographers are experts in leveraging the capabilities of our camera gear using light and composition to create a beautiful scene that you would not see with the naked eye.  We’re making careful calculations every time that we press the shutter button!


Who will be the one shooting my wedding?

Nick and Matt are the first two sent out for every wedding.  We will communicate with you when you inquire who will be taking on your wedding.  If there’s someone on the team you are really hoping to work with, just let us know and we’ll try to make that happen for you!

How long does it take to get my photos back after the session?

Photos for all of my sessions and weddings are delivered within 30 days of the day they were taken or final payment was made.  In the height of wedding and family session season, I usually deliver closer to the 30 day mark as things get a little crazy over here!


How long does it take to get my wedding film(s) delivered?

7 days from your wedding date or final payment your mini highlight will be delivered.  60 days from your wedding date or final payment your full highlight or journalistic style film will be delivered.


Do I get the printing rights with my images?

With all of my sessions and weddings you’ll receive the printing rights for your images.  This means you can go print your photos anywhere you would like.  I do have amazing print products available, but you are not obligated to purchase any from me.

How many photos will I receive in my gallery?

Wedding galleries range from about 400-800 images depending on your unique situation.  Mini sessions land around 40 images and full sessions have about 100 images.  Having more photos does not necessarily mean you received a better product.  Your session or wedding may have only needed a certain amount of photos to truly preserve that story.  Every image you receive is hand retouched and thought through.  I’m a big believer in quality over quantity.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

Once you have decided to work with us, a 30% retainer and signed agreement is required to reserve your date or session

Do you charge for travel to weddings not in Milwaukee?

All travel is included in our package price.  There are no additional fees for travel.


Can I give you a shot list for my wedding?

Every couple I work with receives a questionnaire that walks you through the wedding day.  This will give you opportunities to list any special photos you are hoping to have taken.  I much prefer to not receive a full photo list as it distracts from me capturing your wedding authentically and working the process that I have found to work best.  I shoot weddings every weekend and 99% of the photos you would put on a list I will already be planning on shooting.  Trust me, I’ve got this!

How are my photos delivered?

Your photos will be delivered in an online gallery and sent via email.  In this gallery you will be able to do everything including viewing, sharing, downloading, and ordering print products.  Some of my wedding packages come with a flash drive containing your photos as well.