Menomonee Park Photos From A Fall Family Session

These Menomonee park photos are from a family photography session I shot this fall. Menomonee park is one of my all time favorite places to take pictures and is a large reason why my studio is downtown Menomonee Falls.

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Check out the photos below!

Menomonee park photos of a family sitting by the lake.
Menomonee park photos of a family sitting by the lake.
Husband and wife at a family pictures session at Menomonee Park.
Family pictures at an old rock quarry.
Menomonee park photos of a family in the tall grass.
Menomonee park photos of a family in the tall grass.

Why I love Menomonee Park

I love Menomonee park, because it has so many different textures and layers to work with. If you are looking for great photo locations near Menomonee Falls, this is worth checking out. The sun sets in the right spot relative to the textures and leading lines I like to take advantage of. The pond in the park is also an awesome touch. Since the park is an old quarry, there are many spots that reflect up nice warms tones of light and create perfect looking skin tones.

To Learn More

To learn more about this park you can visit the Waukesha County Parks website. Our website is filled with photos of Menomonee Park since we shoot there so often. The Park totals 464 acres of rolling field, high quality maple woods, cattail marsh, wetlands, and a 16 acre quarry lake. Menomonee Park is filled with a historical background from the stone quarrying period of 1880-1900. Historical remnants include an old stone crusher and the railroad spur from the quarry to the Bugline.

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