The best free photo locations in Milwaukee all put in one list!

Finding Milwaukee engagement photo locations can be a tough task! That’s why I’m putting together this list, so hopefully I can make that process a little easier for you!

Milwaukee now charges fees for photographers of any kind to shoot photos in the county parks. Because of this, I only shoot around the actual city and parks in the neighboring counties.

Here’s the list I came up with. Comment below if you know of any locations that I missed!


The Riverwalk

A staple location in Milwaukee photography. You can’t go wrong with a session on the river walk with the city skyline in the background.

Engagement photo on the river walk in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee engagement photo locations #2

Swing Park & Lake Front Brewery

Another classic spot in Milwaukee, Swing park has a lot to offer for photographers. I like to go on the other side of the bridge and shoot photos in the overgrown brush.

Milwaukee engagement photo locations #3

Third Ward

I find myself shooting the majority of my Milwaukee photo sessions in the Third Ward. You just can’t beat the weathered brick walls and views of the city. Not to mention the perfect sunsets that you can get if you’re in the right spot.

Milwaukee engagement photo locations #4

Menomonee Park

Menomonee park is my absolute go to location if I am looking to shoot a nature setting. It is an old rock quarry that the county let fill in with water to create a pond. That created some awesome rock formations and unique textures to work with. This spot is especially beautiful in the fall.

Milwaukee engagement photo locations #5

Retzer Nature Center

Retzer Nature Center has to be the most popular location for Milwaukee photographers. Located in Waukesha, it’s not too far of a drive. One of the biggest draws at this location is the tall pine trees in rows. Come here on a summer night and you’ll be sure to run into plenty of photographers shooting family photos and engagement photos.

Engagement photo at retzer nature center in Waukesha.

Milwaukee engagement photo locations #6

Minooka Park

Minooka Park is another location in Waukesha that I like to shoot. There is so much space here with tons of different options for greenery and even a pond!

Engagement photo with a puppy at  Minooka park in Waukesha.

Milwaukee engagement photo locations #7

Fifth Ward

Sometimes when I’m tired of shooting in the Third ward, I head over to the fifth ward. There are some awesome alleyways with tons of weathered brick walls and a pretty good view for sunset.


Pierhead Lighthouse

Beautiful views of the Hoan bridge and right on the water, this is an awesome spot at sunset!

Engagement photo by Milwaukee pierhead lighthouse.



You can never go wrong shooting on top of parking ramps downtown. There are limitless possibilities, you just have to get creative!

Engagement photo on top of a parking ramp in downtown Milwaukee.

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