Top 5 Locations For Milwaukee Senior Photographers

Milwaukee senior photographers love these top 5 locations for senior pictures. Check out the list and let me know if I missed any!

1. 3rd Ward

Third ward is one of my personal favorite locations for senior pictures. This spot is great at sunset since you can find many places with the sun backlighting your subject over the river. The boardwalk along the Milwaukee River is also an awesome thing to utilize with the city as a backdrop.

Milwaukee senior photographers favorite 3rd ward location.

2. Atwater Park

Atwater park is a blast for sunrise. The boardwalk looks so cool and the elevated views over the lake are hard to beat. You can shoot this location either in the morning or in the evening, but it works best for sunrise over Lake Michigan.

Milwaukee senior photographers favorite lake front location.

3. Walker’s Point

This is one of my not so secret, secret locations for senior pictures. There are so many awesome weathered buildings and overgrown areas filled with wildflowers and textures to use. This spot is a great location for sunset and even earlier in the day with so many alleyways to take advantage of.

Milwaukee senior photographers favorite walkers point photo location.

4. Deer District

The deer district is a super cool spot to do senior pictures. I love taking advantage of the parking ramp for Fiserv Forum to do sunset pictures overlooking the city of Milwaukee.

Senior girl on top of parking ramp looking at camera with a backdrop of Milwaukee.

5. Lions Den Natural Gorge

This one is a little outside of Milwaukee, but I thought it would still be a great one to include since it is such a popular spot. There is so many options to shoot here with secluded beaches, overlooks of Lake Michigan, and many many wildflowers. The mosquitos seem to also love this place, so come prepared with plenty of bug spray if you shoot here!

Senior girl in yellow dress standing on trail smiling.

Additional advice for Milwaukee senior photographers looking for picture locations.

When I first moved to Milwaukee I found it challenging to find perfect locations for senior pictures and other portrait sessions. The reason for this is how the sun sets behind the city and the layout of all the buildings. Parking ramps are throughout the whole city and work great to get you a little bit above the buildings for sunset. Be careful when shooting on top of parking ramps, because some ramps don’t allow photography sessions to be done. Plan ahead and be prepared with a backup plan.

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