If you’re wondering where the best places to take senior pictures in Madison, WI are, you’re in the right place. Madison is filled with great locations for senior pictures and throughout the years I’ve been able to shoot sessions in many spots throughout the city. Here are my favorite 10 best places to take senior pictures in Madison.

The 10 Very Best Places To Take Senior Pictures In Madison, WI

1. East Washington

Up and down East Washington are plenty of awesome spots for senior pictures. I love to find some of the more worn down and weathered buildings to shoot by. This area is constantly changing and you can’t really go wrong!

10 Best Places To Take Senior Pictures In Madison WI east Washington photo.

2. UW Arboretum

The UW Arboretum is arguably the most popular spots for professional photography sessions in the Madison area. The magnolia blooms in the spring are tough to beat. Come to this place on any given sunny spring evening and you’ll be sure to find plenty of photographers shooting sessions. If you do decide to take senior pictures here, just keep in mind they require a permit to do so. Click this link to learn more info.

10 Best Places To Take Senior Pictures In Madison WI UW arboretum photo.

3. Pope Farm Conservancy

Pope farm conservancy is another fan favorite in the Madison area. Some years they have sunflower fields that bloom in August and are incredible for photos. There are also plenty of wildflowers and some big oak trees to work with as well. Since the farm is on a big hill, this is a great location for sunset.

10 Best Places To Take Senior Pictures In Madison WI Pope Farm Conservancy.

4. State Street

One of the most classic photo locations in Madison is State Street. You can’t beat the views of the Capitol and the old buildings lining the street. The Orpheum theater sign is another super cool thing to incorporate for a photo session.

10 Best Places To Take Senior Pictures In Madison WI State street photo

5. Allen Centennial Gardens

Allen Centennial Gardens is another location that requires a photo permit. These gardens are great all year and have plenty of different textures to work with. I love taking advantage of the house and structures they have set up all over. There’s even a little koi pond on the property as well.

10 Best Places To Take Senior Pictures In Madison WI Allen Centennial photo

6. D.C. Smith Greenhouse

When it’s winter time or the weather ends up being rainy for the photoshoot, this is a great indoor location for senior pictures in Madison. There are all kinds of botanicals set up and different rooms to work in. The windows in the greenhouse let in tons of natural light which is great.

10 Best Places To Take Senior Pictures In Madison WI D.C. smith greenhouse

7. Tenney Park

Tenney park is hard to beat at sunset. This is a pretty big park with tons of options for photos. I usually find myself by the lake and on the long cement pier. The park gets pretty busy, so be prepared for that if you decide to do a session here.

Tenney park senior pictures of a guy.

8. Willy Street

Willy street is a personal favorite location for senior pictures. This area is so unique with different buildings and textures to use along the street. You are also so close to the lake you can hop over there for sunset time.

Willy street photoshoot.

9. Monona Terrace

Another classic location is Monona Terrace. This spot has some awesome views of the city and over looks lake Monona. It’s a great idea to check for events on the session date before shooting here. Throughout the summer it is used for different reasons and can get blocked off.

Monona terrace photos of girl smiling.

10. Memorial Union

The best place in Madison for sunset if you ask me. Shoot senior pictures by the lake and take advantage of the beautiful sunset with sail boats in the background. If you walk up a ways towards the woods, there are lots of fun wildflowers to shoot as well.

memorial union graduation photos.

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